Meetings & Events

Our Optimist Club participates in a variety of projects throughout the club year (October to September) that involve community service and the recognition of children's accomplishments, typically through a celebratory luncheon. We also partner with the Lynchburg Police Department to bestow the official Officer of the Year Award.  We have speakers at many of our monthly meetings to explore topics of interest to the members and guests.  We engage in a number of social activities to share experiences, talents, and our collective interests.  All represent great opportunities for service, friendships, networking, and personal growth.

Newcomers and visitors are welcome to join us at our club meetings. We'd love to have you! Please contact us in advance so we can expect and welcome you!

We meet every Third Thursday* at 12:00pm for our
Optimist Club Monthly Club Program Meeting
Phase 2 Dining & Entertainment
4009 Murray Place
Lynchburg, VA  24501

Club meetings are open to any guests who contact us in advance.
(*No regular meeting is held in July)

In addition, the Board of Directors meets every First Thursday at 12:00pm for our
Optimist Club Directors & Officers Meeting
Hurt & Proffitt, Inc.
2524 Langhorne Rd
Lynchburg, VA  24501

Board meetings are open to all club members.

Date Type Title
04/05/2018 Meeting
04/19/2018 Meeting
05/03/2018 Meeting
05/17/2018 Meeting
06/07/2018 Meeting
06/21/2018 Meeting
07/05/2018 Meeting
08/02/2018 Meeting
08/16/2018 Meeting
09/06/2018 Meeting
09/20/2018 Meeting
10/04/2018 Meeting
10/18/2018 Meeting
11/01/2018 Meeting
11/15/2018 Meeting

Optimist Club of Lynchburg
P. O. Box 378
Lynchburg, VA 24505